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A Note to the Reader:

Tjuringa was written before my four Australian touring books and was inspired by years of travel in Australia

and the inexplicable attraction I feel to the country’s indigenous people.
The book took over one full year of research into the ethnology of the Aboriginal people, and their modern day

plight in their own country.
Mostly though, I just wanted to tell an interesting story set in Australia’s centre.
When it was completed, the novel was read for accuracy by the late Dr. Grahame Walsh, a dear friend and expert on

Aboriginal ethnology and rock art.
Grahame felt that the story had a solid, believable setting and background.

Although I was born in the United States, I have spent the majority of my life in Australia with my husband, Steven David Miller.
Together we work, live and travel; sometimes we are on the road for years at a time.
After completing the above-mentioned touring books, Steve and I have returned to the States for family reasons.
With the boom in eBooks, I decided it was time to publish Tjuringa myself.
A sequel to Tjuringa is bubbling up in my imagination as we speak--perhaps someday I will be able to let you know what happens to
Bill, Eddie, Anna and even Johnny Johnson, a minor character in Tjuringa.

Tjuringa is published with the deepest respect for the Aboriginal people of Australia.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible with historical events.
The characters are entirely fictional, and for anyone who wonders at my audacity at writing from the point of view of an Aboriginal,

all I can say is that imagination is a powerful tool and it is impossible to say where it will take you.
It is as if that story and those people were already out there, I just had to find a way to tap into them.

 I thank you for taking the time to read Tjuringa.

Cheers, Linda

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