bylines & publishing credits

by Linda lee Rathbun, with photography by steven david miller

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Smashwords & Amazon

-Tjuringa…Follow it into the Heart of Australia (a novel)

-Natural Wanders in Australia (a travel memoir)

-Emerald Destiny (a romance novel)

-Magic Surrender (a romance novel)

Universal Publishers: Gregorys Guides
-4WD Touring Tasmania
-4WD Touring Australia

-4WD Touring Australia: Fifty Short Getaways

(2nd Edition published by Explore Australia)
-4WD Touring Australia: It's Yours to Discover and Enjoy

Challenge, a Pearson Educational Magazine
-Ranging the Everglades

4X4 Magazine
-A Snowy Wilderness Tagalong
-Moor-ish Moreton Island
-The Bloomfield Track
-A Kakadu 4WD Adventure

-An Arnhem Land Safari
-Historic Chambers Pillar
-Tassie's Forest Tracks
-Karijini in a Nutshell
-Litchfield's Hidden Tracks
-South to North in the Flinders Ranges
-A Double Dutch World Safari
-Cobbold Gorge

-The Nanga Heritage 4WD Circuit
-Palm Valley in Finke Gorge National Park
-Jowalbinna Rock Art Safari Camp
-Cobourg 4X4

-The Eyre Peninsula by 4WD
-A Mary River Weekend
-The Triple Desert Tracks

-Moreton & Straddie Island Getaway

-Lark Quarry, Back o‘ Beyond

Overlander Magazine
-Preparing for the Dream
-Picture-perfect Francois Peron National Park
-Driving Fraser to the Brink

Caravan World
-The Beings of Lake Ballard
-Caring for Wildlife
-Making the Most of Your Trip
-Making the Most of Your 4WD
-The Great Sandy Strait
-A Traveller's Tale
-Ten Tips to the Top End
-A Gemtree in the Desert
-Mary River, West of Kakadu
-The Northern Territory's Top Ten Escapes and Touring Guide

-Touring Western Australia

Camper Trailer Magazine
-Along the Savannah Way

-Touring the Northern Territory

-Gemtree in the Desert

Ranger Rick Magazine
-Our Wild Class Trip (school trip to the Great Barrier Reef)
-Diving into Camp (school trip to the Florida Keys)

Gulfshore Life Magazine
-Mote Marine Laboratory
-In Praise of Southwest Florida
-The Piers of Southwest Florida
-Doing the Stingray Shuffle
-Strictly for the Birds

-A Retreat at Five Fathoms

-A Symphony of Bells

-The Orchid Thief

-Buddha's Gardens

-Romance in the Stones

The Vinoy
-A number of articles and sidebars for the in-house publication of The Vinoy Hotel

Times of the Islands Magazine
-Banking on Wetlands (wetland mitigation banks)
-Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
-Hidden Creatures, Secret Spaces (Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge)
-Everglades Wonder Gardens
-Seminole Safari (Big Cypress Seminole Reservation)
-The Piers of Southwest Florida
-In the Lagoon of the Sacred Spirit (Houseboating in the Everglades)

Views Magazine
-Where the Sun Shines on Wild Things (Southwest Florida ecology and wildlife)
-For the Birds (Audubon's CBC in Georgia)
-From Way up High to Way Down Under (travel in Australia)

ASPCA Animal Watch Magazine
-The Reunion (elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee)

Discover the Gulfshore Magazine
-Finding Sanctuary (about Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary)

Wilkommen Magazine
-Sudwest Floridas Piers
-Zuflucht Finden

Introducing Naples Magazine
-The Everglades: Lagoon of the Sacred Spirit
-Bathing Beauties (ecology of the Gulf of Mexico foreshore)
-Mystery and Majesty (natural areas in Southwest Florida)
-A Tamiami Tapestry (scenic Tamiami Trail in Florida)
-Natural Explorations (sanctuaries and preserves in Southwest Florida)
-Where the Wild Things Are (animals and birds of Southwest Florida)

Woodall's Florida Traveler
-Tamiami Trail: Trail Between Two Cities

Wildlife & Nature Magazine
-A Stroll Through Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

-The Key Deer of Florida
-Under the Waters of Key Largo

Boca Raton Magazine
-Notes from DownUnder (travel in Australia)

Nature Photographer
-Wonders DownUnder (travel/photography in Australia)

Home & Condo Magazine
-Living with Lightning
-Much Ado About Mulch
-Replacing a Towel Bar
-The Composting Advantage
-How to Survive Moving
-Glass as Art.-Safe Drinking Water
-Fertilizers for a Lush Garden
-Keep Your Trees Healthy
-Interior Colorizing
-Making Your Home a Safe Haven

-Lead Paint
-The Magic of Carpet
-Home Generators
-A Guide to Freon Laws
-Combing a Paint Finish
-Extending your Home Outdoors
-Recycling Irrigation Systems
-Combing the Walls of your House
-Recycling Southwest Florida
-Home Ideas on the Internet
-Caring for Carpets
-Keeping Mildew Away
-Enclosing a Patio
-Garden Maintenance
-Tarpon Cove Yacht & Racquet Club
-Legends Golf & Country Club
-Replacing your Air Conditioning System

PlanBookTravel website
-Numerous articles on travel in and around Australia

The Age Newspaper
-Glass became her floral canvas (about glass artist: Wynne Reid)

Underwater Geographic Magazine
-A Reef Encounter (about the Great Barrier Reef)

Flight Deck Magazine (Australian Airlines)
-Pixie Pinnacle (a dive site on the Barrier Reef)

The Australian Way Magazine (Qantas Airlines)
-Lady in Waiting (about Lady Elliot Island)
-A Mountain Lullaby (about Tasmania)
-Flying Colours (about Australian parrots)
-Blooming Marvels (wildflowers of Western Australia)
-Winged Wonders (Australian butterflies)
-The Whyalla Aggregation (Australian giant cuttlefish)

Pacific Way Magazine (Air New Zealand)
-The Isles of Capricorn (Great Barrier Reef)
-New Zealand Rendezvous
-A Western Ramble (traveling in Western Australia)
-The Green Behind the Gold (Lamington National Park in Queensland

Australian Wellbeing Magazine
-The Barrier Reef Revisited
-Europe Will Have to Wait (traveling in Western Australia)
-Aotearoa: The Land of the Long White Cloud (about New Zealand)

-Dreamtime in Kakadu (about Aboriginal rock art
-Aw-wah-nee: Place of a Gaping Mouth (Yosemite)
-Sanctuary (about a sculptor)
-Trials and Tribulations (Cape Tribulation in Queensland)
-Howe Glorious (Lord Howe Island)

Scuba Diver Magazine
-Buddying the Budding Photographer

The Weekend Australian Newspaper
-The Southern Jewel in the Coral Crown (Barrier Reef)
-Oh really, it's the O'Reillys (about O'Reillys' Guesthouse in Australia)
-At Home in Tasmania's Wilderness.

GEO, Australasia's Geographic Magazine
-The Pinnacles (in Western Australia)
-Carnarvon Gorge National Park (Queensland, Australia)
-Wilson's Prom National Park (Victoria)

Nature & Health Magazine
-Cradle Mountain Lullaby (Tasmania, Australia)
-Uluru (Ayers Rock)

New Traveller Magazine
-Magical Lady Musgrave Island

The Sunday Age Newspaper (Australia)
-Good Reef! Getting the Most of the Great Barrier Reef
-Call of the Wild (hiking in Australia)
-A Dive of a Hotel (Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo)

Sportdiving Magazine
-Lord Howe Island

Birds International
-Jewels Among Wading Birds
-Builders in the Australian Bush

Silver Kris Magazine (Singapore Airlines)
-Fish in a World of Fantasy (about Australian reef fish)

Gardening News Magazine
-A Rainforest Garden in Melbourne
-A Garden Gallery in Surrey Hills

Australian House & Garden Magazine
-Lady Elliot Island: Glorious Isolation
-Adventures in Paradise (about Lord Howe Island)
-Tulips: Jewels in the Garden
-Sleeping Beauties (about bulb flowers)
-Regal Roses.
-Clouds of Color (about rhododendrons and azaleas)
-Succulent Charms (about cactus)
-Flamenco Flowers (about hibiscus)
-Bizarre Beauties (about bromeliads)
-Versatile Day Lilies
-Winter's Gift to the Garden (about camellias)
-Iris, the Rainbow Flower
-Fanciful Fuchsias
-Going Native (Australian native plants)
-Color-fast Cinerarias
-The African Queen (about proteas)
-Velvet Charms (about African violets)
-Tulips on Parade
-The Garden's Chameleon (about hydrangeas)
-Potted Perfection (about tuberous bromeliads)
-Pocketfuls of Color (about calceolaria)
-Grow Your Own Vineyard
-Alluring Lilies
-Cyclamen: Winter Dazzlers
-Orchids: a Flowering Obsession
-Growing Concerns (about antique apple varieties)
-Sunny Personalities (about daffodils)
-Brilliant Bougainvilleas
-Glorious Gloxinias
-Carnivorous Plants

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