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I grew up under the influence of a restless mother, living in California, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, the Caribbean, Florida, and Washington. Without realizing it, I married an equally restless man. As a young woman of 25, I moved to Australia with my new husband, Steve. No matter where we went on weekends and holidays, Steve had a camera with him. We were always diving, or camping, or hiking, or touring. Australia offered an endless choice of places to visit and animals to see.

With a background in psychology, I first worked as a child-therapist. I had always wanted to be a writer, but I lacked the confidence to pursue that interest. At a dive festival in Melbourne, I met the publisher of a diving magazine. Steve and I were telling him about the annual school trips we conducted to the Great Barrier Reef, and he asked me to write a story about it. After that I was hooked, and despite the usual setbacks and rejections that every writer faces, I kept writing. Over two hundred articles later, along with four novels, a travel memoir, and four touring guides, I am still in love with writing. No matter what the magazine assignment, I have always had my own photographer on hand. From underwater pictures, to scenics, to flowers, to people, Steve has shot photos for almost every story I have written.

Though I always lived in beautiful places, I was not conscious of nature being important to me until I saw it through Steve’s eyes. Over the years, it has become a central influence and interest to me. I now try to focus my writing on nature-travel, natural history, and environmental issues. I hope that by opening a reader’s heart to the world around them, they too will want to preserve it. As a balance to the relentless, detail driven travel writing that my touring guides require, I have a lot of fun with my romance novels, setting them in my favorite Australian locations. Tjuringa is my most serious novel, and the closest to my heart; it was written out of my dismay over the shocking plight of Australia’s Aboriginal people.

Steve and I tend to wander between Florida and Australia, depending on which has the strongest pull on us at the time. Our most recent project, writing the 4WD touring guides for Universal Publishers, exposed us to life on the road: living and working in a caravan / travel-trailer. We loved it, and hope to return to that lifestyle again someday. At the moment, we are based in Florida, which is certainly not a bad place to be!

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Linda Lee Rathbun

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